Mogra Zipper - 140 Gms

Mogra Zipper - 140 Gms

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Balaji Mogra Incenses are made using the finest ingredients, pure fragrant oils and resins blended with high-grade incense sticks. This incense is ideally suited to enhance the beauty of every occasion. 

This product is a perfect blending of scents and colors that will bring joy and happiness in your living space. 

Benefits of Morga Incense

  • Popularly known as the "Queen of the night" for its sweet intoxicating aroma at night.
  • Jasmine incense is ideal for those looking for a truly captivating scent that is unique and enthusiastic.
  • According to the ancient manual of Ayurveda, people who use jasmine incense are able to do meditation better. 
  • People who suffer from psychological disorders, anxiety and depression can benefit a lot from jasmine incense.
  • It has sleep-inducing properties and also reduces stress.