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Masala Incense Sticks

Carefully curated & mindfully combined traditional recipes to help you unwind.

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I must say that waking up to the soothing fragrance of these incense sticks is what I look forward to every morning. Not just that, the sweet aroma lasts for hours even after stick is burnt out. Whenever I need a calm breath of air, I light one Balaji agarbatti and the work is done. Very soothing and fresh!

Shreya Saxena

I loved the lavender flavoured incense sticks that I bought from Balaji. The best part about them is that they have a light and pleasant fragrance, unlike the hard ones that we usually find. If I light one stick in a room, the aroma spreads in the whole house like magic. My husband, who lights one in our prayer hall daily, loves them too! I wish I had found these earlier.

Tanishka Someshwar

I am a Tarot card reader by profession and since 2017, I am using Balaji incense sticks for creating a safe and pure space where I can align my energies. They smell so soothing that it’s almost meditative. I have tried many types of incense sticks but my favourite has to be Bindu.

Rehan Vaishampayan

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