Lavender Zipper - 140 Gms

Lavender Zipper - 140 Gms

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Balaji Lavender is a delightfully gentle scent that soothes and freshens. Now you can enjoy the scent in whichever room you'd like. Light a stick or two as you read, or just enjoy the fragrance while relaxing

Bless your home and bring positive energy into every room of your house with these soothing Lavender incense sticks

Benefits of Lavenders Incense

  • One of the best natural remedies to treat respiratory problems, stress, fatigue and anxiety.
  • It is a natural mosquito repellent and helps in keeping insects away from the house.
  • Aromatherapy soothes the mind and body by activating your brain's pleasure centre.
  • It also has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It increases blood circulation in the body and improves the immune system